We operate in the clothing industry, which faces a wide range of social and environmental challenges. In keeping with our responsible management approach, we envisaged “Conscious Fashion” to help discover solutions to these issues. We formulated our sustainability strategy with a holistic approach to mitigate the environmental and social impact and integrated it into our business model.

Committed to developing an inclusive strategy, we focused on the key practices that meet the opinions and expectations of its stakeholders. The strategy is divided into three key categories, with each defining various actions to create value in the area of sustainability.


Our resolute focus on efficiency, productivity and worker welfare has enabled us to become an industry-leading production partner. Pioneering ethical practices help to safeguard and improve the well-being of our growing workforce, while sustainable production processes produce excellent quality products without compromising the environment or our values.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we work extensively with organic fabrics and are certified under GOTS, Sedex, Smeta, OCS, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, Higgs Index. We are audited regularly for these certifications and keep ourselves abreast of all improvements occurring under each certification.

Afflatus Group - sustainability - community


We see our employees as our most valuable asset. In line with our approach, minimising the potential for accidents and ensuring continuous improvement by forming a safe working environment becomes a primary goal. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure occupational health and safety.

All required tools and equipment are maintained and regularly audited.

We consistently raise awareness among all our employees and business partners on relevant health and safety topics.

“Occupational Health and Safety” training programs are conducted periodically each year for all existing employees as well as new hires as soon as they start to work at Afflatus.

Health and safety issues are assessed monthly after which relevant items and areas in need of improvement are determined.

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Efficient management of natural resources is essential for sustainable development. We strive to be an exemplary industrial enterprise operating within an environmental management system and pursuing continuous improvement. To these ends, we follow below practices:

Water management - recycle and conserve

  • Rain water harvesting, ETP and STP are installed in our facilities - recycled water is reused for gardening & cleaning.
  • Steam discharge from our boilers is reused after condensation.
  • Rinsed water during garment washing is recycled.
  • We use environmentally friendly dyes / chemicals as advised by the brands we work with.
  • We are committed to zero landfill and neutral eco friendly liquid discharge.

Energy conservation

  • 72% LED energy saving v/s conventional lighting syste
  • 54% Direct driver machines v/s conventional clutch motor machines
  • 80% Less energy consumption v/s conventional air conditioning system